Here are 5 tips to grow your channel’s following!


  1. Stay away from Follow 4 Follow or Sub 4 Sub. This may get you the numbers, but it won’t bring you the viewership!
  2. Utilize discords and social media to your advantage! If you’re active on twitter, post when you’re going live on Twitch and leave a link in the tweet to your twitch page. If you’re active in gaming related discords and there’s a self promotion section, drop your stream or channel link in there and let people know when you’re live or if you got a new video out, post a link to your stream or your latest video, and let people know what your channel is all about!
  3. Stay consistent/have a schedule! Have a streaming or upload schedule and stick to it! Put it somewhere visible on your page so people know when to find you!
  4.  Connect your stream on Revillution’s streamer showcase and gain more viewers! Or find other streamers to watch & support! – Click here to connect your stream!
  5. Be yourself! Don’t try to put on a front or be something you’re not in your videos or on stream. If you try too hard, people will notice, relax, have fun and just enjoy the ride!

Want more tips? Check out Best tips to grow your following as a streamer –

The develpers of Hellpoint reached out to me and gave me a key for the xbox. I streamed it yesterday for 2 hours and I gotta say, I’m impressed. The story seems very intriguing and the gameplay feels like a Souls game. Which is nice. A video of the stream will be up tomorrow on the Revillution Youtube channel.  If you’re a developer and would like to send me codes for your games to try out on stream or promote via youtube, email me – or hit me up on Twitter- or


Always looking to support and check out indie developers games and projects!

I will be returning to streams soon and be doing my first Twitch stream sometime in the next week. It might be more towards the weekend as I have stuff going on Thursday. I will try to sort out a schedule as soon as I can and it will be put up on here and twitter once it’s solid. 🙂

Really excited to start my new Twitch adventure!